From our inceptions JASHN COUTURE set out to be different: in how we would collaborate with our clients to achieve significant results, in how we would deploy our expertise and in how we would respond to problems in the fashiontas community in which we operate.
We're innovators, dEsigners and Manufacturers of Indian Ethnic and Party wear who work with our clients to produce big results in their businesses. But we're also original thinkers who create new business models in partnership with our clients.

Our goal is to make substantial improvements in our clients' ventures, which can be measured by their bottom line. How? By approaching the challenges our clients face from the perspective of their customers, by integrating new processes, design and technology by the coordination of our entourage and their creativity and finally, by ensuring that there are lasting benefits through the ensemble of new skills to our clients.

Years of experience in designing and manufacturing have enabled us to offer unique design, quality product at very competitive rates. Our products are being successfully sold at Domestic & International Level in stores like Madhuraag, Sakuntlam, RoopVatika etc and finding way to leading shopping malls,fashion stores, elite and corporate clients in India and Mauritius.

Naturally when it comes to choose the best Indian Ethnic and party wear at a competitive price there's no alternative but JASHN COUTURE with our wide range of Sarees, Bridal wear, Suits, Pochos, Kaftans etc with the highest level of customer satisfaction. After all owning Indian Ethnic and party wear: its legendary, a beauty.
Your coming generations would remember - your elan, your aristocracy becomes a fond remembrance through our Collection.

We are so confident about what we can design and deliver, that we are prepared to link our fees to the agreed success criteria and specifically the value we produce. It's working: from modest beginnings in India and Abroad, JASHN COUTURE is now global and has worked for many clients.

With that success, and zeal to develop further, comes a parallel ambition to use our skills and resources, in other ways to benefit the wider community. JASHN COUTURE believes businesses such as ours can make valuable contributions to alleviating social inequities and humanitarian crises. We combine best practices and devote to the promotion of India's Multifaceted cultural and tradition.

We at JASHN COUTURE lay special emphasis on making relationships and not just one-time deals with our clients.


holding excellent experience record in there respective fields who have put into there efforts for the establishment of JASHN COUTURE.
Prabind Kumar
Chief dEsigner
Prabind Kumar is the founder of Jashn Couture and the company's leading technological innovator. His focus is invention by design that results in market breakthroughs for clients.

Prabind a fashion Graduate from JD Institute in 2001 is running Jashn Couture successfully at Domestic & International level since last 4yrs who is firmly rooted in business realities and practicalities. Clients appreciate his ability to translate design into the language of Haute Couture and value his rapid-pace approach to quality delivery.

Samir Chandra
Astt dEsigner cum Co-Ordinator
A Fashion Graduate from JD Institute in 2002. After gaining valuable experience in reputed garment export houses .then joined Jashn Couture.
Shikha Sharma
Marketing Executive cum dEsigner
A Fashion Graduate from JD Institute in 2001. Holding 4 yrs of experience in teaching Fashion illustration in reputed institutes

Shikha has been regarded as much for her subtle style, as for her keen and skilful approach to design and Market strategy. We can rather associate her as a Back bone of Jashn Couture.